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21 December 2017 takes on Elena Fernandez-Trapiella to lead Corpo

rate Finance Department

 The company seeks to improve the management of its finances at a time which the positive trend is confirmed 

Barcelona, 21 December 2017.-, a leading company in the field of electronic certification and notification, appoints Elena Fernández-Trapiella as the Corporate Finance Director of the company. With an extensive experience in investment banking and financial consulting, Elena is committed to improve the management of corporate finance, taking an advantage of the upward positive trend in final results.

During the last three years Elena Fernández-Trapiella worked as  general director and head of Corporate Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions at BEKA Finance, from where she played a key role in IPO on the Alternative Stock Market (MAB) in 2015. Previously, Elena held different positions of responsibility in Santander Investment, UBS, Eurocofín and in the public business entity State Lotteries and Gambling, all of them related to investment banking. Fernández-Trapiella holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration and Management from the University of Financial Studies (CUNEF) in Madrid, and a MBA in Quantitative Portfolio Strategies from New York University.



Currently the company is listed on the Spanish Alternative Stock Market and is a leading company in the field of electronic notification and electronic contracting. The company created in 1995, has two more business lines, namely Messaging solutions and  identy validation &  KYC services. The telecom operator has signed agreements with more than 1000 companies in more than 150 countries managed from their 16 international headquarters. Its solutions and services are used in enterprises, public administration, and SME's.

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