How to send a Registered email from Gmail

Give probative value to your email messages.'s Registered Email works seamlessly with your Gmail account.

Google Gmail

Make the most of your email

As simple as:

Gmail APP

Send an email from the application.

Select the "CC" option from the "To" dropdown menu and enter our registered email address.

Gmail Navigator

Send an email from your browser

Select the "CC" link on the right side of the "To" text area and enter our registered email address.

Let’s start


Sign up for

To start using the service register in and enter the email address you want to use. Your email address will be automatically added to your whitelist, which is a list of authorized addresses for certification.

You can add additional addresses from the Tools user platform. Do not forget, a single email address can only be on one whitelist.


Send a Registered email

Write your message and add our registered email address [email protected] in the CC field, then send it.

Once your email reaches our servers, we will send you a confirmation email.

The recipient will receive two emails: one from you and another from our registered email service.


The documentary evidence

Within minutes, you will receive the documentary evidence in PDF format in your inbox. It includes details such as the date and time of sending, the sender's IP address, the delivery time, the recipient's IP address, sender and recipient information, as well as the email content and any attachments.

All documents are available on the Tools user platform.

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