E-signature platform

Click & Sign is our online contracting platform to sign documents aimed at any user or companies looking for a full digital process. With Click & Sign, sending a document to be signed on line is easier, faster and cheaper than sending it in paper . And with the same probative value as postal mail.

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About Click & Sign

Click & Sign allows you to sign documents electronically quickly and easily, providing the same legal validity as traditional contracts.

Benefits of Click & Sign

Save costs, time, and physical space with our electronic signature system

Main uses

With Click & Sign, streamline your paperwork, gain process traceability, securely store documents for 5 years, and automate the entire signing process

Utilities companies

New customers
Tariff changes
Automate your commercial process by sending notifications, enabling one-click tariff changes or sign-ups for complementary services.

Healthcare and public services

Utilize SMS for communication purposes, including appointment notifications, follow-ups, cancellations, date changes, and more.
GDPR acceptance
Signature of liability documents
Legal communications

Insurance companies and Insurtech

New clients and automation of the commercial process
Extended coverage
Push campaigns leading to the signing of contracts
GDPR acceptance

Human Resources

Labour contracts
To extinction temporary labour contracts
Furlough signatures

Banks & Fintech

Online credit card contracting
Service agreements
On-line registrations
GDPR acceptance

Real Estate

Rental contracts
Termination of contracts
Amendments to new clauses
About Click & Sign

About Click & Sign

To learn more about our service, visit our microsite Click & Sign, where you can find a detailed explanation of all the product features.

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Easy and fast online contracting

First step

Sending the contract

Documents to be signed are sent from our platform, and can be integrated with Click & Sign in any management system thanks to our API.

Enter recipient(s) (multiple selections possible) for the contract, customize email and signature page texts, upload the PDF contract, and initiate the sending process

Second step

Contract signature

The recipient will receive a registered email containing a link to a web page where they can sign the document The PDF contract is attached in the email.

On the signature page, users can finalize the deal by either adding their handwritten signature or simply clicking on 'SIGN

Advanced settings

Notifications and copies of the document

Stay informed about the status of your contracts with notifications. Track whether your document has been sent, received, opened, or signed

You can also send a copy of your contract once the process is finished. Receive the documentary evidence to the provided email address.