Registered email contract:

Digital transformation is a business reality and Registered email Contract is the ideal solution for beginners. As simple and fast as sending a proposal by email and receiving a reply. No need to do some planning beforehand.

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Biocord gives us peace of mind and guarantees that parents verify the engagement of our services in a simple safely and legally way

Macarena Campos, Marketing Director of Biocord

What is a Registered email contract?

The Registered Email Contract provides attestation for agreements reached through email . The attestation is an electronically signed document stating the sending and receipt of the two emails, the email addresses of sender and recipient, and the content of the emails, including attachments.

Patented technology

Benefits of Registered Contract email

Sign contracts by email with legal validity

Electronic contracting versus traditional means


Legally binding



Registered contract

Main uses

Contracts Send contract proposals and have the delivery and recipient's reply attested.

Internal authorizations Validate internal company matters (e.g., paid leave, equipment purchases) by sending Registered SMS and obtaining evidence of the communication.

Insurance renewals Send insurance renewal notices to clients for acceptance of new conditions.

Bank of conditions renewal Obtain documentary evidence of communication between the bank and the customer regarding the renewal of conditions..

Transfer of data Request the transfer of data subject to terms and conditions outlined in attachments.

Management of Short Time Compensation programs Manage the application of conditions for workers in Short Time Compensation programs.

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Sending Registered Email contract

Sending a Registered Email Contract is similar to sending a regular email, with two slight changes required:

From Tools

How to send the email with the proposal

Sending a Registered Email Contract is similar to sending a regular email, with two slight changes required:

  • The mail has to be sent to the registered email address we have assigned to you in the users’ Tools.
  • In the 'Subject' field, add the recipient's email address, a blank space, and the relevant subject.
The documentary evidence

The documentary evidence

Once the recipient replies to the initial email, we will issue documentary evidence. This document includes the date and time of sending and receiving, email addresses of the sender and recipient, the email text, and any attached files.

Additionally, an addendum is generated to access the content when the initial email is accessed.


1 contract = 14 credits

* Each email up to 5 MB

Attestation of message content and attachments, up to 5 MB

Storage of the documentary evidence for 5 years