Wholesale traffic

Compatible with all platforms: SMPP, APIs, SS7, etc. Regular customers of this line: aggregators, operators, hubs, private companies sending large volumes, etc.

Traffic transit <> Application to peertraffic

Mobile outbound

Send SMS with global coverage through different quality routes:

Direct routes
1 Hub Routes
Economic routes

Mobile inbound

As an operator in five countries (Spain, France, UK, US, Colombia) with local numbering in each country Lleida.net users can receive messages to their assigned numbers

MNP - Mobile Number Portability

Number Portability (MNP) database is regularly updated, enabling efficient SMS sending and call routing while reducing operational costs.

ENUM, http, API, SMPP queries, etc.

ENUM queries have become essential to meet the demands of LTE technology.

HLR Home Location Register

Our HLR service provides real-time checks on the status of operators and mobile numbers, allowing you to determine if a recipient is available, if a terminal is turned off in roaming, or if call blocking is in effect

Some of the benefits HLR queries:

Quick identification of phone networks
Improved traffic routing
Cost reduction by preventing messages from being sent to inactive phones.