Registered SMS contract

The world is moving, we are moving, needs are evolving, however one thing is for sure: we need to communicate, no matter how. Registered SMS contract is an easy to use solution for you and for your business.

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What is Registered SMS contract

A Registered SMS Contract is the attestation of an agreement reached through the exchange of SMS messages. It involves sending an SMS and receiving a reply, both of which are electronically signed documents. The attestation verifies the sending and receipt of the messages, including attachments, and includes the email addresses of the sender and recipient.

Patented technology

Benefits of Registered SMS Contract

Sign contracts via SMS with legal validity

Electronic contracting versus traditional means


Legally binding



Registered contract

Main uses

Contracts Use Registered SMS Contract to send contract proposals and obtain attestation of delivery and the recipient's reply.

Internal authorizations Validate internal company matters, such as paid leave or equipment purchases, by sending Registered SMS messages and obtaining evidence of the communication.

Bank of conditions renewal Obtain documentary evidence of communication between the bank and the customer regarding the renewal of conditions.

Trip cancellation Notify clients about new conditions related to scheduled trips.

Call centre Manage contracts in real-time while interacting with customers.

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Sending registered SMS contracts

Sending a Registered SMS Contract is similar to sending a regular SMS, but within a web environment.

From Tools

Sending initial initial SMS

Registered SMS contracts are sent from the User´s Tools. Simply enter the recipient's mobile phone number and the message to be sent.

Tools also allows bulk mailings, with customisable fields, like name, surname, etc.

The documentary evidence

The documentary evidence

As soon as the recipient replies to the initial SMS, we will issue the documentary evidence. This document includes information on the initial SMS and the reply SMS, including the date and time of sending and receiving, sender's and recipient's telephone numbers, and the content of the messages.

Or you can integrate it into your systems:


Integrate our services into your daily applications: we provide you with our free APIs.


Set up your data, transfer it to our servers and we will send it to you.


1 contract = 14 credits

SMS up to 612 characters

Content attestation for messages.

Storage of the documentary evidence for 5 years