Electronic signature and contracting

In the era of digitalization, new processes are required to facilitate the online signing of documents, accelerating deal closures, optimizing time, reducing costs, and contributing to a sustainable environment. However, the most remarkable aspect of these services is undoubtedly the legal certainty provided by any registered electronic contracting solution.

Reliable digital communications

Different solutions for different needs

Explore the range of electronic signature and electronic contracting products we have developed.
Click & Sign®

An online contracting platform designed for users and companies seeking a fully digital process.

Registered SMS contract

Sign legally valid contracts via SMS, offering a user-friendly solution for you and your business.

Registered email contract:

Effortlessly sign legally valid contracts by email, simplifying the process of sending proposals and receiving replies.

GDPR solution

Assist in ensuring compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Main uses

Integrate electronic signatures and e-contracting into your company's processes.

Utilities companies

New customers
Tariff changes
Acquire new customers and facilitate tariff changes through automated notifications, enabling quick sign-up for complementary services.

Healthcare and public services

Utilize SMS for communication, including appointment notifications, cancellations, and rescheduling. Obtain GDPR acceptance and sign liability documents
GDPR acceptance
Sign liability documents
Legal communications

Insurance companies and Insurtech

New clients and automation of the commercial process
Extended coverage
Push campaigns leading to the signing of contracts
GDPR acceptance

Human Resources

Labour contracts
To extinction temporary labour contracts
Furlough signatures

Banks & Fintech

Online credit card contracting
Service agreements
On-line registrations
GDPR acceptance

Real Estate

Rental contracts
Termination of contracts
Amendments to new clauses

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Electronic notification

Send emails or SMSs with reliable attestation of sending, delivery, and content..

Electronic signature and contracting

Discover our cloud-based electronic signature platform and contract solutions through email or SMS

Data validation

Explore our KYC solutions, identity verification services, digital certificate recognition, and OCR capabilities for identification document processing.