The documentary evidence of

The certificate is the documentary proof , the attestation, of the sending of the communication. It is a digitally signed document with a time stamp proving content and time.

The documentary evidence of

The documentary evidence

Certificate of electronic communication

Registered email

Certificate id E855295-I


Telecom operator “LLEIDANETWORKS Serveis Telemàtics, S.A “ as digital witness, certifies that the information provided herein is the one entered on its electronic communication records.

Sender, recipient, date and time of delivery of the message

Sending details

Name: Talk2Me (NIF B-43726550-T)

User ID 789XBH29

Sender. Registered Mail Service <[email protected]>

(resend on behalf of Talk2Me Account Department <[email protected]>) Recipient:

Recipient: Newman <[email protected]>

Time and date of the sending: 02/02/2015 (16:00 GMT +1)

Time and date of delivery: 02/02/2015 (16:05 GMT +1)

Subject: Registered email - Invoice 01-15] 01-15


Good morning,

Please find attached January 2015 invoice



The certificate contains all email attachments and its content.


File File name
PDF Talk2Me Fra0115.pdf View attached file. Visible in the documents.
GIF Content1-text.html
JPG Content2-image-logo.jpg File in the annex of documents

This certificate has been issued upon request and with the express consent of the sender, by a secure and confidential system that registers traffic without interfering, revealing or controlling. This email has been assigned the unique aforementioned identifier in the signer Telecom Operator record heading.

Lleida, 2 February 2015



Find attached all the documents involved in the communication

Delivery details to the recipients or their duly authorized electronic agents.

Valid signature

Electronic signature


Date: 2015.02.19 19:19:29 CEST

Business name email stamp

City: Lleida Parc Científic i Tecnològic Agroalimentari de Lleida (PCiTAL) Edifici H1 2a planta 25003 Lleida Spain