Registered invoice

Sending invoices as registered email attachment. Due notification of the sending, the content and the delivery.

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What is Registered invoice

A Registered Invoice is an invoice sent via Registered email. Thus, the payment term is calculated from the receipt of the email, which is certified in the documentary evidence

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Benefits of Registered Inbox

Irrefutable sending of invoices via email

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How to Send Registered Invoices

Sending a Registered Invoice is as easy as attaching an invoice in PDF format to an email.


Add our registered address in the Cc field

Sending a Registered email is like sending any other email: you write the subject, message, add recipients, and finally, in the CC field, you enter our registered invoice address:

And that's it!


The documentary evidence

Once the mail reaches its destination, we will generate the documentary evidence. This document includes the date and time of sending and receipt, the email addresses of the sender and recipient, the text of the email, and the attached files.

And at the moment the email is accessed, we generate an access addendum to the content.


1 message = 7 credits

* 1 message up to 5 MB to 1 recipient

You set the pace No setup fees and pay-per-use model. Moreover, purchases do not have an expiration date, providing you with the flexibility to utilize the service whenever you need it

Attestation of both message and attachment contents, with a maximum capacity of 5 MB

Addendum of the opening of the message

Storage of the documentary evidence during 5 years

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To test the Registered Inbox all you have to do is send an email and put the address in the CC field.

If the sender's address is part of any whitelist, the email will be returned with an error message.

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