Registered Inbox

With's Registered Inbox, you gain access to a mailbox that certifies all incoming messages, including any attachments, and sends a certificate to the sender. Thanks to our service,you provide your customers with proof of message delivery, enhancing trust and credibility.

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Email or SMS

Our registered mailboxes enable you to verify the emails or SMS messages you receive through an assigned number.


Streamline your processes and eliminate tedious bureaucratic procedures by utilizing our Registered SMS or Registered Email services. Your users will appreciate the convenience!


The sender receives a certificate, serving as strong evidence of message delivery.

What is Registered Inbox?

The Registered Inbox is an inbox that certifies all received messages. It can be an email address for registering emails or a telephone number for registering SMS messages. The certification process involves generating a document containing evidence of the communication, including origin, sending and receiving times, and content.

Patented technology

Benefits of Registered Inbox

The digital transformation of any process brings significant improvements to productivity and organizational performance.

Running the service

First step

Request the service

To create a registered mailbox, either by email or SMS, simply request it by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling us at (+34) 973 282 300.


The documentary evidence

We provide the option to send the documentary evidence to the service administrator and the senders of the communication.

The issued certificate includes details such as the sender, date and time of sending and delivery, recipient, and a time stamp.


Our APIs

Access documents through our our API, enabling you to confidently and easily work within your existing environment.

Our service offers increased flexibility in communicating with your customers and seamless integration into your system.


1 message = 7 credits

* 1 message up to 5 MB to 1 recipient

Attestation of message content and attachments, up to 5 MB

Storage of the documentary evidence for 5 years