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Registered email Email admissible into evidence

Simple, secure and compliant.
Economical and ecological
Anywhere, any time
As simple as sending an email.

Send documents

Send files up to 5 MB. The certificate includes the documents and their content or a link to download the document.

Trusted third party

As a telecommunications operator, we have a wealth of experience and we also keep the document for you. The figure of the trusted third party is designed for the digital field based on several directives and laws.

We store the certificate during 5 years. We comply with ISO 27001 standard protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information

No expiration date    

Web mail

Simply send a copy (Cc) to our registered email address.


Integrate our services into your everyday applications: we provide you our APIs.


Prepare your data, transfer it to our servers and we will send it for you.

Tailor-made development

We develop tailor-made projects for our customers. Contact us.

Electronic notification uses    

  • Debt collection.
  • Extension of terms
  • Notice of delinquency
  • Mandate acceptance (SEPA)
  • Budget approval
  • Pick up and delivery notifications
  • Sending test results to providers (chemical, food, construction and building factories)
  • Notification workforce schedules
  • Protection of intellectual property rights
101 Uses for Registered SMS

Try it now for free

Send it from your email manager, just the way you always do. You can attach as many files as you wish, up to 5 MB
Add our registered address in the Cc field and send. And we will certify your email.

Your email is processed and a registered copy is sent to the recipient.

You will receive a demo certificate providing the exact time and date of the delivery, the sender, the recipient, the content of the message and the attachments.

Get 5 free registered emails to test the service.