Registered email

Enhance the legal and evidentiary value of your emails with registered email. By generating a document that proves the sending of the communication, we include vital information such as sender and receiver addresses, date and time of sending and receipt, as well as the email content and any attachments.

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savings over traditional paper notifications.


time wasted in queuing and commuting for business purposes.

5 seconds

on average between sending and receiving.


We utilize's registered email to process all online requests This adds security to our online complaint system while offering ease of use, integration with our internal management system, time savings, and cost reduction compared to traditional paper-based registered communications.

Pablo Rabanal, CEO of Reclamador

What is registered email

Registered email is an electronic mail that provides evidence of the sender, message, attachments, addressee, and delivery. A digitally signed and time-stamped document includes all the technical evidence of the communication process, making it a reliable proof of communication.

Patented technology

Benefits of Registered email

Incorporating registered email into a company's operations is a crucial aspect of its digital transformation journey. Digital transformation of any process can significantly enhance productivity and organizational performance by addressing key drivers of improvement.

Case study

The requirement for reliable notifications is not exclusive to any particular sector, as it is necessary for both common and industry-specific use cases.

Communicate outstanding debts to your customers

Provision of contracts

Communicate extensions of contractual clauses

Respond to customer complaints

Receive notifications for expiry of labour contracts

Manage furloughs notifications to employees

Confirm the execution of share purchase orders

Send notices for shareholders' meetings

Notifying the renewal of a policy

And any other situation where a reliable notification is required.

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How to send a Registered email

At, we prioritize the user in the heart of Digital Transformation. That's why our products are designed to be user-friendly and require no change in the usual tools you use

As easy as adding an address in the CC field

Add our registered address in the Cc field

Sending a registered email is like sending any other email: you write the subject, the message, add the recipients, and finally, in the CC field, you enter your certifying address: [email protected]

Is that easy!

The documentary evidence

The documentary evidence

Once the mail reaches its destination, we will generate the documentary evidence. This document provides the following information of the initial email and the reply: date and time of sending and receiving, email address of the sender and the recipient, the text of the email, and the attached files.


1 message = 7 credits

* 1 message up to 5 MB to 1 recipient

Attestation of message content and attachments, up to 5 MB

Storage of the documentary evidence for 5 years

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To test the Registered Email simply send an email and write the address [email protected] in the CC field.

* If the sender's address is whitelisted by, an error message will be returned.

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