Registered SMS

Certify your messages sent by SMS, get the documentary proof that attests to the sending, message content, and receipt of the SMS, adding legal and probative value to your messages.

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savings over traditional paper notifications.


time wasted in queuing and commuting to do business.

5 seconds

on average between sending and receiving.

Iberia Cards

"We started using just for sending SMS to our customers, but I have to emphasize how fast and simple was migrating to the platform we were offered".

Gonzalo Sánchez-Mellado, Systems Director Iberia Cards

What is Registered SMS

The Registered SMS certifies the authentication of the sender, message, recipient, and delivery. This electronically signed document, bolstered by a timestamp, compiles all technical details of the process, providing compelling evidence of the communication.

Patented technology

Benefits of SMS

SMS has proven to be an incredibly effective channel for marketing campaigns with open rates of over 90%, read rates within minutes of receipt, and conversion rates double those of any other channel We have enhanced the potential of SMS in marketing campaigns by adding legal and evidentiary value to it

Main uses

Registered SMS is an ideal solution for:

Debt collection

Extension of terms

Notice of delinquency

Mandate acceptance (SEPA)

Pick up and delivery notifications

Sending test results to providers (chemical, food, construction and building factories)

Notification workforce schedules

Protection of intellectual rights

101 uses of Registered SMS

101 uses of Registered SMS

Replace registered postal mail with Registered Email, which is a more efficient and cost-effective method with the same legal validity.

Sending Registered SMS

Users’ platform

Managed from Tools

The Tools platform is a comprehensive online platform where users can manage their transactions, including sending Registered SMS messages. Our APIs provide a seamless integration of the automatic sending of Registered SMS into any management or administration tool

From Tools you can send not only Registered SMS, but also regular SMS, SMS contracts, or to access to Click & Sign our online contracting platform, as well as perform several phone number or email validations.

Advanced settings

Customisation options

The texts of the SMS can be customised automatically, with names, surnames, or any other information; templates can also be created for resending Registered SMS using the same text.

The sending of either a single SMS or a mass campaign, can be scheduled when the time is good for you.

The evidence

The documentary evidence

The certificate we issue includes the day and time of the sending, the day and time of delivery, the sender's number and the recipient's number, all with a time stamp.

The certificate is a PDF document. All certificates are available in Tools. Thus, they are available to all customers who need to access or to download them, at no extra cost.


1 message = 7 credits

SMS up to 612 characters

Content attestation for messages.

Storage of the documentary evidence for 5 years