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Obtain your digital certificate quickly and entirely online to ensure authenticity and security in your digital transactions, protecting data with legal validity.

Select the country for which you will use the certificate (What is it?)
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Remember, you need to first select a country in the first step, and then choose the type of certificate in the second step

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and then choose the type of certificate in the second step.

Data of the person for whom the certificate will be generated

The email and phone number you provide will be used for the issuance of the digital certificate. Make sure to enter the data of the person to whom the certificate will be issued in these fields, as SMS or emails will be sent during the process and these data cannot be changed.

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And how does the process of acquiring your own digital certificate unfold?

Purchasing your Certificate

The journey to obtaining your digital certificate kicks off with the validation of your purchase.

Video verification and signature

First things first, gather your documentation! Once the payment is settled, we embark on a video verification process. Simply snap a photo of your ID, passport, or residence card, and snap a quick selfie. This allows us to analyse the data and conduct a biometric comparison between your document photo and selfie. All this information gets bundled into a PDF document, which you'll receive via email along with a link to a web page. There, you can electronically sign the document using our Click & Sign platform.

Data validation

Once signed, our team manually verifies the video identification, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations governing digital certificate issuance.

Generating your digital certificate

With everything in order, you'll receive an email containing instructions on generating your digital certificate in your chosen format