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Nos clients, de tous secteurs et de toutes tailles du monde entier, nous font confiance pour garantir que leurs communications électroniques bénéficient du soutien juridique requis par la législation des pays dans lesquels ils opèrent.

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At, we blend telecommunications and digital certification to craft robust defenses against fraud and digital forgery.

Explore our suite of reliable e-services, tailor them to fit your needs, and integrate them smoothly with your existing infrastructure

Electronic notifications

Registered email

Ensure your communications are indisputable with our Registered email and SMS services.

Cloud-based electronic signature

Click & Sign

A robust platform for electronic signatures and contract management via email or SMS, designed to streamline your transactions

Digital identity

Digital certificate

PKI solutions for digital certificates and centralised signature services, plus time-stamping (TSA) for documents and transactions.

Data validation eKYC

Refine your processes with our cutting-edge identity verification and data validation services, including eKYC, mobile and email verification, and two-factor authentication

Cutting-edge SMS and VOIP Services


Expand your reach with our exclusive SMS and VOIP solutions, tailored for wholesalers and direct consumers alike Exclusive portability provider.

Your Digital Witness

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More than just solutions, we're a globally accredited provider of trusted electronic services, compliant across multiple jurisdictions including Europe (eIDAS), Colombia (ONAC), Dominican Republic (INDOTEL), Peru (INDECOPI) and the UAE (TDRA).

Our communication and signature solutions meet stringent standards, ensuring top-tier security under the US eSIGN Law and ISO 27001.

Partner with us for guaranteed legal integrity and security in your digital transactions worldwide

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Leading the way in trusted electronic services, we bring decades of innovation and experience to your digital transformation journey

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