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Andorra Telecom's digital transformation: A 300% surge in eSIM sign-ups

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Andorra Telecom, a public telecom company founded in 1975 in the Principat de Andorra, Their core mission is to provide Andorran citizens with telecommunications services, including fixed-line and mobile telephony, data transmission, and internet connectivity.

Albert Alegria, the sole public operator managing telecommunications in Andorra, has harnessed the power of's eKYC service.


of staggering decrease in visits to the contact centers

eSIM card subscriptions have increased by


The challenge:

Creating an innovative digital pathway for SIM card subscriptions

Before the implementation of the eKYC service, registration was limited to in-person visits or seeking assistance through designated channels. However, the necessity to adapt to emerging generations and technologies drove Andorra Telecom to enrich its service offerings.

During their assessment, they identified various needs, including establishing a digital platform capable of catering to diverse audience segments: youths, temporary employees, and individuals seeking to bypass long queues, among others. The objective was to enable remote registration and subscription for eSIM, the evolution of conventional physical SIM cards

The solution

Contracting a SIM card online, conveniently from home

Andorra Telecom assessed numerous alternatives and partnered with's eKYC solution empowered new users to register on the platform from any location, eliminating the need for physical presence in Andorra.

It accepts various international ID documents, reduces fraud, and meets all economic, technical, and functional prerequisites. Absolutely vital for a company such as Andorra Telecom.

Thanks to facial recognition technology, the system matches the ID photo with the selfie taken by the customer during registration with Andorra Telecom to acquired an eSIM.

Digitalization marches forward at Andorra Telecom, fostering the adoption of eKYC in diverse sectors like banking, insurance, and ski resorts

The result

The usage has surged by a staggering 300%, creating new avenues for application.

Andorra Telecom's online SIM subscription service has widened its reach, solidifying its market stance against competitors.

And, working closely with's team:

  • An outstanding highlight is the positive environmental impact.
  • Its application has expanded to encompass other solutions offered by Andorra Telecom.
  • With eKYC, Andorra Telecom has curbed the need for travel, subsequently reducing CO2 emissions.

Albert Alegria strongly recommends this service to any company aiming for comprehensive digitalization.

This evolution has empowered Andorra Telecom to efficiently and sustainably serve its customer base, positioning itself as a trailblazer in embracing cutting-edge technologies in the business sphere