ONAC-Accredited digital certificates

Digital certificates accredited by ONAC are issued in compliance with Colombian regulations and are valid for conducting procedures and digitally signing documents with legal validity.


Types of ONAC-accredited digital certificates

There are various types of certificates, depending on the requester and their intended use.

Natural person

The digital certificate for a natural person or citizen is used for identification, document signing, and other online transactions, offering the same legal assurances as in-person activities.

Public function

This certificate digitally identifies a natural person and connects them to a public organisation or entity, indicating their role within it.

Legal representative

The representative certificate allows natural persons to act on behalf of a legal entity.

Company membership

This certificate digitally identifies a natural person and associates them with an organisation or entity, specifying their role within it, whether as an employee, associate, collaborator, client, or supplier.

Legal entity

The certificate for a legal entity or electronic seal identifies a legal entity and facilitates authentication and digital signing of electronic documents, among other functions.

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