Openum, Electronic registered delivery

Through Openum, you send the recipient an email containing a link to access its content. When the recipient opens the link, the document is automatically displayed on a web page, and Openum generates documentary evidence to confirm the opening of the document.


Just like with all registered emails, we track when it is sent to the recipient.


We also certify the moment it is delivered to the destination server, providing essential data for its acceptance as reliable evidence.


When the user accesses the web page, we certify the opening of the registered email and the access to its content.

What are the benefits of Electronic registered delivery?

Main uses

Openum fulfills communication and document tracking needs for sent documents, such as:

Communicating outstanding debts to customers.

Receiving notifications for contract expiry dates.

Getting notified of registration in delinquency files.

Provision of contracts

Communicating extensions of contractual clauses.s

Responding to customer complaints.

Receiving notifications for labour contract expiry.

Managing furlough notifications to employees.

Confirming the execution of share purchase orders.

Sending notices for shareholders' meetings.

Discover the benefits of Openum

Discover the benefits of Openum

For more information on the service, you can visit Openum's microsite, where you will find a detailed explanation of all the features the product offers.

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Knowing when your email is opened.

How does it work?


The recipient receives an email or SMS with the previously entered text on Tools and a link to a website.

The recipient can view the PDF document on the web page by clicking on the link in the received message.

First step

Send the email or SMS

Write and send the email or SMS from our Openum user platform.

Set up a new mailing, enter the recipient(s), write the email or SMS, and add the PDF document (the content you want to send).

Second step

Opening of the received document

By clicking on the link received via email or SMS, the recipient accesses a web page where they can read the content of the document.

The documentary evidence is digitally signed and time-stamped, providingthe necessary legal validity to file it with any court or public administration.

You set the pace No set-up fees and pay-per-use model. Moreover,our purchases won't expire, so you can use the service whenever you need it.

Attestation of message content and attachments, up to 5 MB

Storage of the documentary evidence for 5 years