Bnext boosts daily SMS to 100,000

Bnext SMS - ClickandSign

Bnext, established in 2017 and accredited as a digital money institution by the Bank of Spain, is a modern online-focused fintech company. It is dedicated to providing user-friendly and streamlined banking services and products.

Bnext has partnered with from the start to send SMS for phone number verification and later added Click & Sign for digital contract signing. Currently, Bnext continues to use SMS, not only for verification but also for other crucial functions.

Fernando Corrochano, Bnext's Product Manager, shares their previous situation and how's crititcal solutions, SMS and Click & Sign, enable Bnext to provide quality services and participate in new programs like Correos prepago.


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The challenge

Signing contracts manually was a hassle, involving 15 pages on both sides

Bnext faced a major issue with users signing contracts the old-fashioned way. They had to print the lengthy 15-page contracts, get clients to sign every page, front and back, and then scan it .

When they started the Correos prepago project, they needed a solution to send lots of SMS messages and digitise the contract signing process. They chose for both SMS delivery and using Click & Sign to sign contracts. They aimed to find an efficient digital solution that would save time and simplify the process.

The Solution

Enhancing efficiency by integrating SMS with Click & Sign

Bnext streamlined their contract signing process by using Click & Sign technology. They also introduced digital contract signing in new projects. Here's how it works: Users receive an SMS and provide a biometric signature.

Initially, they used's SMS service to verify users' phone numbers for platform access. As Bnext expanded, they found more uses for SMS, including verifying various processes, enabling online payments with OTPs from, and validating operations within their Correos prepago program.

The outcome

SMS volume increased from 60,000 to 100,000 daily

Bnext has transformed into a more efficient and all-encompassing solution. Metrics have significantly improved.

  • Thanks to the new program, they surpass the projected volume by sending 100,000 SMS messages daily.
  • Legal aspects have significantly improved through identity verification.
  • Both users and Bnext are extremely content.
  • The documentary evidence acquired with each contract, signed and certified, offers a clear and efficient record.
  • They would wholeheartedly endorse the use of's SMS and Click & Sign to businesses of all kinds.